Have you got a soft spot for pancakes? Want to switch it up this year on Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) and go out to eat as a treat? Look no further, here’s 5 spots in London where the pancakes are popping! 🥞

1. Dirty Bones

This place is one of my favourite food spots in London. Cosy, affordable, entertaining AND they do pancakes! Their buttermilk pancakes are lush! Three stacks of those bad boys complemented with warm blueberries, clotted cream and a shot of maple syrup. It’s not overly sweet which makes it even better for those who prefer a taste that isn’t over the top. The texture is just right & succulent. On top of it all, Dirty Bones also do bottomless brunch weekends so you can complement your pancakes with a drink!

2. The Curtain

In the mood to go somewhere fancy? The Curtain is the spot! This is a members’ only venue with opportunities to go in as a non-member (without extra perks). It has a great ambience with different in-house restaurants; Green Room, Red Rooster Shoreditch & Lido which offers such a chilled vibe with good music. Their pancakes are three stacks of fluffiness. Light & airy which is great for those who prefer a less heavy texture paired with delicious blueberries and syrup. Perfect especially sitting at the rooftop in the venue taking in the London scenery.

3. The Breakfast Club

Another favourite pancake spot which is great for choices and locations,16 in London to be exact, is The Breakfast Club! This restaurant has delicious stacks of pancakes, to feed your soul, perfect if you’re a pancake lover like me. The pancakes & berries combo here is dreamy! Also, three stacks, it’s topped with mouth-watering vanilla cream, juicy berries and drizzled in maple syrup. Their flavours will have you coming back for more.

4. My Old Dutch

I love having options, especially when it comes to food or my favourite dishes. My Old Dutch gives me exactly that. This pancake spot has 3 locations in London, so much on the menu and is suitable for vegans. This original pancake house is great if you’re looking for a relaxed environment to eat your pancakes in. From savoury to sweet pancakes with the option to create your own by choosing the ingredients, this is the go-to if you like to take ownership of your food. Try it out from their set menus or experiment, the choice is yours!

5. Caramel Lounge

Another fancy sport is Caramel Restaurant & Lounge. Based in South Kensington, this venue has great service and is very instagrammable; great floral entrance & cute booths to dine in. Caramel Restaurant & Lounge have a few pancake options for you but I can tell you about their Nutella & Raspberry Pancakes. Three stacks covered in Nutella sauce topped up with fresh raspberries, cream and powdered sugar for the finishing touch. If you like a classy feel for dining with your pancakes, this is the place to go.

Enjoy your day, and potentially any other day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll eat pancakes anytime. Pancake day will be on Tuesday 5th March 2019, where will you be spending yours?

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