Is flying solo on your bucket list? Whether you’ve always wanted to have the ultimate ‘me’

time abroad or you’re planning an exciting solo getaway, it’s a completely different ball game

compared to travelling with someone else or a group. A few years ago, I decided that I was

going to travel by myself and went to Berlin, Germany. Let’s just say, it was one of the best

experiences of my life!

Want to know how I did it? Here are 8 tips that will help you through the adventures of flying


1. Plan! Plan! PLAN! ✈️📆

Before anything, do your research to maximize your experience.

We’ve all heard the quote “failure to plan is planning to fail” right? Well that definitely applies

to travelling alone. It’s not just about pick the country you’re visiting, it’s the city, your

accommodation, tourist attractions, transport, places to eat, the list goes on. Know at least

70% (the essentials) so that you are not lost, bored or stuck on what to do once you arrive at

your destination. As a bonus, I pre-booked my concert tickets to see U.S Hip Hop rapper,

Princess Nokia in Berlin 🎉

2. Speak in tounges! 💁🇫🇷

Learn a bit of the lingo! As part of your planning, you might want to check out the official speaking language of the country & learn the basics; greetings, questions etc. This will help you interact with the people who may not fluently speak or understand English like you do, especially in areas outside of the city. Download free apps such as Duolingo and Babbel well ahead of your trip, practice with friends or watch YouTube videos to get started. If you are as daring as I am,

set your phone to the language that you’re trying to learn - luckily the icons help. Before you

know it, you’ll be able to converse in no time & order your favourite drink at the bar.

3. Duplicate your details 📝

Keep your close ones in the loop. Whilst you’re starting your new independent experience, it’s a good idea to let your close friends and family know the key details. From copies of your itinerary to flight times, accommodation to some of your planned activities, it will give them the chance to get in touch with you when necessary and most importantly, give them the peace of mind. If your parents are anxious about your first solo trip (mine were), this might help ease the stress and show them how responsible and independent you are.

4. Rise and shine! ☀️🍳🥓

Wake up early enough for you to make the most of your day. Right, I know what you might be thinking “why should I wake up early on holiday please?” but it really depends on what you find as early. Getting up ahead of time will give you the opportunity to explore as much as possible. I’m a natural early bird so I got a head start at museums before it got too crowded in the tourist areas. Also, depending on your hotel, breakfast times could be quite early and if it’s inclusive in your stay, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fresh food.. Trade in the snooze button for the adventure and start the day early to maximize your experience.

5. Go out and be free! 🌻

Try something new, as well as something old. Discovering the culture and sightseeing may have already been covered in your planning, but why stop there? Explore your personal hobbies and interests in a different environment. Before my first solo trip, I decided that I wanted to dance in every city I visited and when I went to Berlin, that’s exactly what I did; found a dance class and had the best time! An alternative would be to do something you’ve never done. Whether you want to try out local delicacies in Paris with the view of the stunning Eiffel Tower, swing above the rice terrace in Bali or sand surfing and skydive in Dubai, there’ll be something that catches your eye, so give it a go!

6. Document your journey 🤳📸

Take photos, record videos or write about your trip!

Take a journal with you to keep track, remember key places you may want to re-visit and

generally, just to build on your adventure. Take pictures and videos as part of it and yes, it is

possible to do that on your own, ever heard of the self timer?...Use it! Alternatively, you can

ask others to take pictures of you with your phone, just be wary of who you ask and your

surroundings. Get them angles girl! Logging your memories and favourite moments will

enhance your solo experience.

(A few of my pictures during my solo trip in Berlin. Photographed at Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, East Side Gallery and the German Spy Museum.)

7. Be a little discrete 💆

Don’t over share! Now that you have your cute pictures and videos, you’re ready to post them on social media which is great but you might want to think about being a little discrete. Just to be on the safe side, it’s good practice to give some time to post after you’ve taken your picture and add the location. Consider your surroundings and that you aren’t familiar with it, travelling alone

means you should be very aware of your safety and not overshare in real-time.

8. Confidence ☺️

If you’re going to do it, do it with your chest! Let’s face it, this applies to any decision you make in life and travelling alone is no different. You need to own it. The experience will build your communication skills, self-love and confidence. Knowing that you call all the shots, have been responsible and enjoyed the whole journey is empowering and you’d be surprised of what you can learn about yourself. Fully commit to it and you will realise, it’s not as scary as you think.

If you’ve travelled abroad before, let me know what you’ve learned and if you are flying solo

anytime soon, hope this helps and have a safe journey!

Hope that has helped, Shade xx

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