As I was planning my Secret Night Out Special (an accidental new thing I invented to switch

up my social life), I decided to step away from something typical and try something different

which drew me to Bubbly & Art. Initially discovered on Instagram and as you do, the moment I saw the page, I clicked the 'Save' button and left it in my ‘Events’ category for the future. Feeling a deep connection to their ethos, #BeCreative, it’s no surprise that my creative senses tingled in the process.

So what is Bubbly & Art you ask? Let me tell you… PAINT. SIP. REPEAT

Bubbly & Art is a London-based art class where you can express your creativity to the fullest. From painting to sketches and life drawing, you get to enjoy and feel a sense of artistic freedom whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly (or five). Now some of you reading this are probably thinking “Nice but not for me, I can only draw a stickman, I’m not creative” but at this pop-up, there is no pressure. It’s not about being the next Van Gogh or Picasso, it’s all about doing you on canvas and having a good time.

Besides, you’ll be drinking anyway so if you’re too embarrassed, in the words of T-pain, you can blame it on the a-a-alcohol. As an artist would do on their work, Bubbly & Art sets the ambience right, giving you the best vibes with a great playlist to add to your mood. I remember singing my favourite neo-soul tracks which contributed to my amazing painting I named ‘Aura Tribes’ (get a glimpse of her in the video below).

What’s not to like? They give you the materials, snacks, drinks, music and a great venue

while you turn your blank canvas into a piece of art which you can keep. Yes people, you get

to take your painting home! Frame it and stick it in your chosen room to extend that good

energy.  As well as having a great time with your friends, meeting new people, it’s also a

great date night idea. I definitely would recommend Bubbly & Art to anyone (creative or


For future events, be sure to find tickets via their website www.bubblyandart.com

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