As you know, I am the founder of Girls In Power. The aim behind the brand itself is to encourage and support other women to pursue their career goals within the creative industry. I put together events in the style of small workshops & seminars using those who are already in the industry to provide advice and insights to the next gen. We've been around for the last year and it's been an amazing year so far so along the way, I've had a number of frequent questions that I thought I'd share the answers to on here. If there's one I've missed, feel free to drop me a message to brendajuliet@girlsinpower.co.uk

1. What made you start the brand?

To be honest with you, it was because the audience asked for it. Last year, I had a great year goal wise. When I say goal wise, I simply mean overall. I tend to set myself quite a few things to hit over the year, big and small, then by November I smashed them all. I then felt like I wanted to share this positive energy I had and threw together a panel of guests with an amazing panel which included Frederica Boateng, Ms Banks, Nierodha, Remel London and Shanny Shanz. Throughout the event, I asked the audience to share feedback and it was literally 'we need more of these!' so I made it my aim to focus on and grow the brand over the new year.

2. What steps did you take to build the platform?

I literally just threw myself into the deep end. I created an Instagram page and just became extremely active with it so right now it is sitting on just under 1.1K before the end of the year where my aim was just 1. I had no plan whatsoever but I thought based on the feedback I had and who the audience came to see at the last event, encouraged me to then approach the next guest. Instagram is a platform that is a bit easier to grow because it's visual and a lot of people are extremely active on there so I used that opportunity to create engagement with followers. So, starting conversations underneath posts and telling people to tag friends for example and posting polls on Insta stories for followers to respond to usually worked for me. Your content needs to also be relatable. Oh and tone! Your tone of voice is so important, if you don't sound so robotic and formal, followers read posts as if you are talking to them which gains you responses in your comments.

3. How did you get certain people on your panels?

You have to just approach people but don't be creepy lol Email is always the best and formal way but if you don't have any access to that, you can send a direct message. Keep your message short, sweet and straight to the point if you have to go through that route. Be patient as well because not everyone are as fast to respond to emails as you as may be or those with heavier social followings may not see your messages straight away. When sending an email, again.. polite and straight to the point!

4. How do you approach brands?

It's the same sort of concept but you may have just that one chance to sell yourself and your idea because let's face it - how many emails do you think a brand may get a day? My top tip is going straight to the PR who looks after the brand because they usually organise brand partnerships and events. Most PR companies have their clients on their website so that's a good place to start or even try PR Week - sign up to their news letters as they usually break new biz wins for PR companies - big or small. Remember, keep your email short and straight to the point but before you approach a brand, think about why you are approaching them. Why would they want to partner with you? What are their brand values and key messaging - how does this fall in line with your brand to encourage a collaboration? What will the brand also gain from you - it definitely needs to be mutually beneficial so please please do your research! Your pitch needs to make sense.

5. Is it just you, do you do it all alone?

Predominantly me yes but I now have a team - actually two seperate teams now wooop woop! I have a general team which includes Social Media, Events & PR/Marketing and then my brand spanking new Editorial team - shouts to my Girls In Power team! Why I appreciate my ladies is because they are supporting myself and the brand simply because they love the idea, so I can't wait to get to a point where I can give back to them.

6. How do you put your events together?

I've had quite a few years of experience running events so it comes a little more natural to me now but it still can get pretty stressful. The one piece of advice I've kept with me is 'work smart and keep your costs low' so when looking for a venue, find a great venue with a low cost because that is what usually costs you the most! Look around on places like Hirespace or Canvas Events or even GumTree funnily enough. Write down or keep a mini database of nice venues that you come across but don't use for easier future searches.

7. Where do you network?

Every where and anywhere. When you have a brand, you just have to talk about it whenever you have the opportunity. Don't be scared because you just don't know who you will come across. Utilise your socials an connect with people. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn, use them all. Also when you meet new people, make sure you follow up with a gentle message, mentioning how nice it was to chat to them and where so they remember you! I have a blog and I use my socials quite regularly so I also have people who approach me but just get yourself out there. And don't be afraid to work on different projects and concepts which may fit your brand because teaming up with other people will always widen your network.

I hope this post has been helpful, I definitely tried to make sure that I've touched on all the areas I mainly get asked questions on but as I said, feel free to drop me an email in case you have anymore!

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