Yinka Bokinni, a beautiful positive spirit who is incredibly grounded. We absolutely love the super bubbily Capital Xtra presenter mainly because she is so relatable. If you haven't already, do set aside some time to have a read through her blog, it is regularly updated and a very interesting read. Having seen the presenter progress in her field over the last few years, we just had to approach her to gain some gems on how she's made it to where she is now. Yinka is from South London, born and raised. She explores her childhood through her TED Talk she did just last year, where she touches on the fact that she actually has a degree in Law as well as describing "The Myth of Escaping the Ghetto" and what an insightful topic it was.

We held an intimate workshop earlier this year where we asked Yinka to come down, have a chit chat with us on her career journey so far over some pizza and wine and we had an amazing night. She publicly mentioned on her social page that this was in fact her first time speaking on a sold out solo panel and we are humbled that we could share that experience with you. That evening, we also got the chance to sing Happy Birthday to her which was a great way to end the event! Girls In Power are so grateful that we were able to take up some time out of her busy schedule to do this for our followers and we will always appreciate the flood of positive feedback we received from that particular workshop. Yinka - thank you for adding a great memory to our first year!

Make sure you check out Yinka Bokinni on Capital Xtra every weekday from 7pm-10pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm

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