Meet Gabrielle Dadzie, Mother-of-one, Creative, Health Enthusiast, Podcaster, Production Manager.. yes! The list goes on. Gabrielle is a great ball of sunshine who is constantly on the go and an inspiration to many other mothers. We had the chance to work with Gabrielle during the Summer where we brought together a panel of mothers to discuss life after having a baby. In this case, Gabrielle spoke to us about returning back to work before the recommended maternity duration and she allowed us to understand why she did. Her first born, Jeremiah, has not stopped her from going for what she wants, in fact she told us just how motivating being a parent really is. Not only is she a working mother but Jeremiah is also a working baby, having landed published roles as a children's model!

Gabrielle carries a number of creative roles, all of which includes being an artist manager to musician ,Sidiq, who we got the chance to see perform live at Gabrielle's annual charity event 'Remembering You'. We wanted to thank Gabrielle for being the amazing person that she is, everywhere she goes she brings the warmest energy. The team here at Girls In Power wanted to thank you for your ongoing support over the last year and wish you a prosperous 2019 - we know it is going to be a great one for you!

Much love x

Girls In Power

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