This time yesterday, the team over at #VibezWithUs were gearing towards celebrating their 8th birthday with a Instagram Live rendition of what would have been their birthday party! Joined by performers to provide the best feel good vibes for the night, #VibezWithUs were keen to give away a few goodies to each of their supporters.

One of their special guest performers, singer/songwriter who goes by the name of Holly Rhoades, gave us a smooth and emotive performance of a track called 'What Do You Want', one we're sure a few of us can relate to. Her vocals were completely captivating - through every rift and transition of the track, leaving you wanting to hear more.

Holly revealed that she has actually been recording new music during her time in isolation and even gave us an exclusive snippet of her next single and what's to come - we are so excited hear what's next from her!

Make sure you follow Holly's journey over at @hollyrhoades_

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