Hey ladies let’s talk about the end of the day shenanigans. What do you do to relax at the end of the day? Do you rush home from a long day at work or even after running a few errands, shopping or it could even be the school run and ever put yourself first? Is that time of the day something that you even get the chance to think about while being busy getting on with all that you might have had to do earlier on in the day? Yep, I'm sure we can defo relate.

When you get home and begin your wind down period, do you shower and make some hot chocolate or a nice cup of tea and get cozy on the sofa for a good bit of Netflix and Chill? Maybe you have a bubble bath with some candles a bit of wine and some music? Whatever it may be, I’m sure we can all agree on the fact that getting home from a long day never feels better - especially when get that moment to just whip off your and enjoy the relief of letting those bad boys be free!!

Enjoy that time for you! At the end of the day no one is going to love you the way you will so always make sure you take some time out for yourself to have some quality 'me' time. This will also be a great way to set that example for the people in your life or the people who might want to be in your life.

Be happy, feel relaxed and go to bed knowing you can do it all again tomorrow maybe even change it up a little add a cheeky glass of wine if you don’t usually, light a candle or two, start a new TV snow, read a book or listen to a podcast! Let us know how you wind down, would be great to hear a few more suggestions!

Live laugh love

Alisa Gomez x

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