So it's officially the first Monday of the year that we are all back at the office and we're sure it can be daunting! We get it, your out of office has been on for roughly about 2 weeks, your body clock is still on Christmas Chill Timezone and your brain hasn't quite comprehended the fact that it's time to actually do some work again. Don't worry, we're here to save you! New year, (possibly for the majority of us) new you is in full swing now mentally, so let's put this plan into action.

1. Firstly, write a list of things to do over the next few months, for now let's say the first 6 months. These can be really small things or even major personal goals. Don't hesitate to throw in the smallest things which pop up every now and then that you keep forgetting to do - these can be as simple as 'book dental check up' or even 'wash car' yep, it can definitely can get like that. Everyone is totally different so a simple list might work for you while post it notes might work for someone else, but fact over matter is, jot your ideas/plans down once they hit you! Sometimes putting together a visual mood board makes your future achievements feel a lot more real and tangible so whatever works for you, begin implementing it now rather than later.

2. Money management around this time of year can be difficult, especially where where January is a long month. and your December wage had hit you a week earlier than usual. One word - prioritise! If you're someone who thinks ahead, we'd assume you'd already planned for this potential dry spell, i.e. budgeting your December spend, not touching your pay for a week to compensate for the loss during those extra few days you could have made over the festive period, putting away some money as an emergency pot, prioritising bills and etc (take note for this year if this wasn't actually your take on the long month). Our only advice is prioritising and saving. Maybe try setting up a monthly Standard Order going forward which goes straightinto your Savings account once you get paid, or a weekly and smaller payment so you feel the hit a little less. One fun way of motivating yourself to save those extra coins over the new year is trying the infamous 52 Week Money Challenge. By the end of 2019, you could actually be £1378 richer!

3. If you feel unhappy at your current workplace, sis.. make that move. Don't compromise your happiness or your mental health for a wage packet. If you want to move on then do what makes you happy, if you want a career change? ..then absolutely do it! You never know where life is going to take you, who you will meet, who and what will inspire you so live your life the way you want to live it. Share your experiences with your friends and family, talk to people about how you feel because they will always be there to lift you up during moments of uncertainty but don't bottle it in!

4. Finally, always look back at your growth. That is the best sort of motivation because you tend to remember in that moment that actually, you have not been stagnant. You have come from somewhere and grown from certain situations. Don't ever feel like a small achievement isn't an achievement in itself because it is! It is a step forward which is always a step ahead from where you have come from so don't downplay your growth, no matter how small you think it may be. Also, we cannot stress enough that you should try not to compare your accomplishments to other people's because we are all walking different paths, experiencing different things and have tackled through our own battles. Just keep looking forward and remember to focus solely on you and what makes YOU happy!

Hope this helps - let us know how you stay motivated and let's do this together!

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