Updated: Jan 4, 2020

So it’s 2019 and you want to get into the Gym… but you’re not feeling it. Being a woman at

the gym gives you anxiety despite the benefits it has. You’re self-conscious, don’t know the

gym like others and the only form of weight training you know is standing on a scale. Well girl,

let me tell you, this can all change and it’s a lot less daunting than you think. Although I love sports and being active, I was never a gym girl myself. Here’s how I levelled-up my ways and used my personal tricks to get me to the gym and stay there!

1. Pick your sport like you would pick your bae! 🏊‍♀️

Before you even start thinking about signing up for the gym, you’ve got to remember it is

not the only way of working out. Start dating sports! When you are looking to pick your

future bae, you date people before you make your Bae-cision (Bae - decision) right? It’s the

same principle.

Get to know fitness, dance classes, cycling, tennis, anything you name it! Pick an activity

that connects with you the most and go with it. Of course, if you decide that you like more

than one sport, there's no harm in being in an open relationship with sports 😉

2. Find your purpose - don’t talk about it, be about it! 🎖️

So you have decided to join the gym, what’s your reason? Find your true purpose. If you’re

doing it just for the ‘gram, it’s a waste of money (unless you’re making money). Like any

goal in life, make sure you identify it, be honest with yourself, do it for you and execute; I repeat, less talk more action.

The last thing you want to do is lie to yourself about what you really want, tell the whole

world and then not succeed or lose money. Remember you need to be all about securing

the bag and your goal this year!

3. Get To Know - Knowledge Is Power 📚

You might want to start incorporating gym into your lifestyle but how much do you really

know? This is not an attack, just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you can’t find out.

Learn about areas of the body, what you want to work on and how to achieve your body

goals. We live in a generation where the use of the internet is second nature to us, so

google what you want to know, watch YouTube videos and save those Instagram posts.

Alternatively you could ask people that you know who are about that life and of course staff

at the gym! You look less silly if you research, ask and learn rather than trying to look the


4. Self-Motivation 🏋️‍♀️

In anything that you do, you should be motivated for it and it’s important that you bring the

motivation to the table. What I have done in the past was set my background to a gym

photo or a picture of my abs at its best to get me going. Every day when I woke up and saw

that picture, I was on it! You’re not a narcissist for wanting to be the best version of you.

Besides working out with a friend, self-motivation has a powerful impact and for gym, you

need to find yours. It could be following someone ‘FITspirational’ on their platforms not to

become them but to be inspired by them.. Find your motivation.

5. The Incentive - Treat yourself 👜👠

Another form of motivation I’ve used was to reward myself for my commitment and hard

work on occasion. I told myself that the longer I stay at the gym over a period of time

(consistently for 4 weeks) I will buy myself something for gym. This could be weight gloves, a

nice water bottle, shoes, gym clothes etc.

Having that incentive not only encourages you to go and do well, but also feeds it back to

you, buying new gym wear will only make you go back to the gym. Get it? It doesn’t have to

stop there though, it’s nice to look cute in workout clothes but you can also switch it up and

 get yourself a nice outfit you want that isn’t gym related. That sexy number you’ve been

training your body for, lingerie, you name it! It’s still a reward if you deserve it.

6. The Gym Playlist 🎧

If you are like me, you will come to realize that having a gym playlist will get you through

your session. Whether you’re doing some serious cardio or heavy weight training, set up the

playlists to keep you going.

For weight training, I prefer something hard and loud that taps into my inner beast; Hip Hop

and Grime usually does it for me and for cardio, Afrobeats, Afrohouse, R & B and commercial genres work best. Get your favourite form of gym entertainment, could be a playlist or film,

even watching a good program whilst being on a bike will distract you. Before you know it,

you would have worked out for longer than you expected; it’s the perfect combination of

being focused and distracted.

Hope that helps! x

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