Hi Chama can you tell us a bit about who you are, some background on your PR Agency For The Record PR and how you would you best describe your role(s)?

My name is Chama-Laura and I am currently a freelance music CEO & PR Officer at For The Record PR. My role is to provide emerging UK music artists with bespoke promotional services to support and celebrate their new music releases. Our campaigns allow us to pitch their music to a number of online publications, radio presenters etc, that we have a good relationship with for features, interviews, rotational airplay, premieres, play-listing and reviews.

How long have you been doing Music PR for?

Unofficially I began doing music PR in 2015 where my first campaign was that of Roc Nation’s RnB songstress Melanie Fiona for her concert on the 13th of September 2015 courtesy of 'Soul gigs'. Then officially since 2018.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes I do. I enjoy genuinely supporting these artists, and being able to learn more about PR as I do so. There is no guarantee with this whole PR thing so when I do see artists music being credited, it's gratifying to see that I have helped them on their journey. Whilst also offering that reassurance that I am not working in vain. I also have now branched out to working with other brands for their events which is also quite rewarding.

Why Music PR? Where did the passion for it come from.

I chose Music PR having studied journalism at university and began writing for Music blogs just because I wanted to develop my style of writing. The platforms I have written for are GUAP Magazine (The first video magazine in the world), DK Online Magazine, Urban Revolution, and WePlugGoodMusic. I chose Music in particular because it's something I keep up with most through attending events, listening to new music on the radio, I also used to collect music magazines (which i still have a trunk load of) to research new talent. However, my passion to proceed with creating my own brand to focus on the niche of emerging UK artists stems from the conversations I had with them, inspiring me to try my luck at finding the gap in the market to try and help get them recognised.

How did you make that decision to start a whole company on your own rather than working in-house?

To be honest, having worked since I was 16, I was tired lol I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to be my own boss. I'm a natural born leader, so I felt like it made sense. And given the results a year and a half later, I am happy to say that my hard work is definitely paying off as i'm exceeding the expectations I could never imagine for myself.

Who have you worked with over the last few years?

AEO, Eight9Fly, Resauced Ents, Shayla Rose, Ada, Cheryll, Loco & Eazzy, J Lucia, A1 Frames, Rebecca Winter, Adejosh, Eldé, Prido (Manchester), Ajani (King Cas), Valentina, Ben Hunter, Narko, La Swave (Hella Turnt UK), Rue, Diamantina, Marcelle Adrianna, Fontzerelli, Talitha, Klaudia Keziah (The Voice), Legacy Nation Entertainment, Female Takeover, Mon B (Pink Crowns UK), CRXY, Jack Da Union, Jayana UK, and more!

Wow, what an incredible list! Do you find as a woman there are more expectations or pressures to deliver?

I feel like the expectations outweigh the 'pressures' for me because it's just me for now and has been since 2015 which a lot of people don't already know. I'm building every single day, to network, to execute campaigns and to build long-lasting relationships within the industry. 

The pressures I would say I face as a woman is trying to make sure I can deliver what I have promised to artists that contact me just like the bigger brands that showcase emerging UK artists music and creating enough content to 'keep the buzz of the artist as well as keep my brand alive' so to speak, because there aren't enough of us 'emerging UK artist PR reps'. 

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

My most recent biggest achievement I'd say would be being the marketing coordinator for the world's first Afromusical 'Oliva Tweest'. I learnt so much in 4 months from creating and utilising a strategic marketing plan, meeting to negotiate with venue teams, social media promo, interacting with local and national press to promote the UK tour and more!

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone who wants to follow the same career path as yourself?

I'd say that it's best you embrace and gage where the possibilities from it will take you and how it makes you feel.

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