Hi Kamilla! Tell us a bit about who you are and how you would you best describe your role(s)?

Hey! I'm a freelance producer and presenter; producer wise I work for 1XTRA and Boiler Room. At 1XTRA I produce for Kenny Allstar's show, it's good! It's really different from everything else I do and I also produce for a show called Gaswork, for Boiler Room. It can get really busy but I do schedule in me and Noah time. Although I do a lot, it all works for me because for example with Boiler Room I can work from home, but with the Kenny Allstar it's live every Friday night. At Foundation FM, I do the brunch show from 10am-1pm which is really really fun because it's a different kind of space. I also work with Red Bull Radio, they've been doing an initiative called 'Normal Not Novelty' since 2017, showcasing women who for example do the production or engineering on records. So in January they relaunched a monthly radio show and I was asked to be a presenter on there!

Wow, that's definitely a lot but it so amazing to hear how you balance it all, especially as a Mother! How long have you been doing radio and producing for?

Radio on and off for 3/4 years but since Foundation FM, I've been doing it a little more seriously. I had previously worked at Radar Radio and Reprezent in order to grow and find my style. My first actual producer role was almost 2 years ago now but I've been in TV/Radio/Producing for about 5 years.

Do you enjoy what you do? Where did the passion for it come from?

Definitely, I've been quite lucky because I've worked on a variety on things so a little bit of TV, a little bit of radio and video socials. And I like that I've been able to work on a variety of things, so I can figure out what I enjoy and exactly what I want to do. Especially in media, some roles and jobs aren't clean cut so it's good to have that time to figure yourself out. If you have the opportunity to do it especially in your 20s, if you live in London and still at home you're actually in the perfect position!

Do you find as a woman there are more expectations or pressures to deliver?

I think there is but I'm not sure if that comes from there actually being pressure or if we feel we have more to prove. I remember when I was first hired at Boiler Room, I was 4 months pregnant and I gave 110% because I wanted to show that I can still do it. No one told me I had to but I just did it. But I also think society kind of makes things that way too. But also yourself, no one told me I had to work extra hours and travel, I just felt I needed to do all of that.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Hmmm.. I really can’t think what my biggest achievement is! I think we all tend to be so hard on ourselves sometimes, hmm.. I’m super hard to please, so aside from my son, I’d say I’m yet to have made my greatest achievement!

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone who wants to follow the same career path as yourself?

For a career in the creative industry, take as many opportunities as you can, internships, work experiences jobs etc. Being in your twenties is a time to experiment with your career, especially before the real life responsibilities kick in; like the boring paying bills stuff! Even take a job abroad if you can, I promise you you'll learn so much.

In terms of TV and Radio Producing, be prepared to work up. Working from the bottom up! Definitely be prepared to work entry level jobs first, even if they seem like the most basic jobs. No one comes out of uni and they automatically get these roles unless you've been doing it while you were studying so definitely be open minded when working the smaller jobs first because you won’t be there forever.

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