Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Born and raised in Los Angeles by an American mother and a Nigerian father, Jackie Aina launched her YouTube channel one year after joining the military. Her page was both a creative release from an unhappy marriage which she later divorced from and a response to a lack of diversity in makeup tutorials on YouTube. Aina noticed there was a space in the Youtube world for more beauty content creators, which also helped her growth in numbers.“A lot of what I saw at that time [in 2009] were white women or Asian women doing looks,” she said. “I was re-creating them and making them dark skin-friendly on me.” She would often visit MUA stores in hopes of being able to recreate celebrity looks on public figures such as Kim Kardashian, but would get turned away and told that it wouldn’t work on her complexion.

This she decided to change..

Jackie Aina is a beauty YouTuber who currently sits on more than 2.5 million subscribers, who openly touches on social issues such as diversity in the larger beauty sphere and within YouTube’s creator community. “That’s something that I’m always going to be very vocal about.”

She goes on to say “On my personal platforms, I support up-and-coming, new creators who look like me,” she said.

Earlier on in the year, Jackie collaborated with Too Faced to expand its Born This Way foundation range by 11 shades in order to expand its range for People of Colour - which sold out immediately!. The response to the collaboration was “over-the-top phenomenal,” according to Too Faced co-founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino.

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