Our good friends over at Mums and Tea are throwing another event!

This time its ‘Lets Talk Finance’ where they will be talking all things money as a great way to start of 2019. This will bring you an IN DEPTH range of topics from opening the right kind of accounts for your little ones, to life insurance, saving, budgeting and how to make your income work for you amongst many other things. Our talented and knowledgable guest speakers for this event include:

Emmanuel Asuquo from Noir Excel. Noir Excel is a financial services company that aims to help its members reach their financial goals, by equipping them with knowledge and insight to make accurate financial decisions. Their mission is to provide access to financial education for the general public, in order to enable people to make better choices when faced with financial decisions.

Abiola Ola from Active Budgeter. Active Budgeter is on a mission to increase financial literacy by helping under 35s to save and invest and build. It grew out from wanting to experience financial freedom and empower others to manage their money effectively. Understanding the financial basics, helps to build a strong foundation no mater your background. Active Budgeter is on a mission to increase the confidence of people to budget well and to build generational wealth. Opeyemi Sofoluke is a working mum and founder of The Growth Box. The Growth Box provides people with a regular selection of empowering Christian books and products that support social good companies with the opportunity to give back to society. Opeyemi will be giving you her testimony on having recently bought a house while on maternity leave and is a great inspiration for anyone who needs some practical tips on how to save and treat yourself as a new mother. In true Mums and Tea fashion, you will get a chance to network with all the inspirational speakers and each other. So you can maximise your time effectively (and to give you a well needed break!!!) this event will be completely baby free.

Make sure to grab your early bird tickets for £16 while you can, once they are gone, they are gone! After that standard tickets are £21

Tickets are available here

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