There's no set way to get in contact with a brand or even anyone you'd potentially like to work with, the main piece of advice I have is to just believe in your brand and in what you do. Be confident in your ideas and if a brand feels it doesn't fall in line with what they do, its fine. So here are five things to think about when approaching a brand..

1. Do your research - so think about why you think this brand would tie well into what is it you are trying to do. What are the brands morals and ethics? What does their social media content suggest to you in terms of creative ideas, demographics. If you have seen they haven't yet teamed up with someone like yourself, clearly explain why you could possibly be a good fit.

2. Think about where they appear to be most active/social with their followers - definitely utilise your social platforms. Social media is the new "Yellow Pages", you can pretty much find a lot on there! With brands, you'll find that either a member in-house manages the social platform or it could be their PR agency who does this. This ties in nicely with doing your research, a few PR agencies actually list their clients online via their website so probably keep a note of those for future. Probably also follow PR Week as they tend to announce new biz wins in terms of clients, just so you're up to date.

But yes, going back to looking where they are most active via social platforms, if its Instagram drop them a DM, if it's Twitter you can do the same.. they will more than likely point you in the right direction of who to speak to or pass you over a direct email contact. Don't be shy, just take the leap!

3. Make your email make sense - Keep the email nice and concise! Don't waffle on about yourself too much but put in just enough for them to sum up what you do and who you have worked with before getting into your pitch. Remember to do some research on their most recent campaigns or collaborations so you have a few to refer back to or even link together your own reasoning for reaching out. For example, 'I saw that you recently did so and so and so and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reach out to you on X Y Z..' Just think about what you are putting into this pitch because this may be the first point of contact you have with the brand.

4. List your credentials and your aims of working with the brand - I say this mainly to encourage the brand that you are reaching out to that you are trust worthy, genuine and you have a past working with brands (influencers included). Brands and PRs must get loads of inbound requests so I think this also helps to filter through the long lists of emails and helps you to stand out!

5. What can you offer in return? If you are still starting out, it may not be much right now but one thing I have found is brands like to help where they can if you are giving back. Where Girls In Power is a brand which gives back in terms of helping others reach their potential within their career journey, they love the idea of being a part of this which is extremely humbling. Other things which may be of interest from brands is the exposure it will bring. Social Media is a huge thing now so what (social media) influencers will you be working with? who will be attending your event(s) who can Tweet or Instagram about their brand? Where will the flyers/e-flyers be shared and etc..

Hope this helps!

Brenda x

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