In the working world, depending on the field, it’s the norm to be working in an office

environment. In addition to that, mobile working opportunities seems to be increasing due

to the development of technology, working culture & the ‘hustler’s ambition’ that lives

within individuals especially Millennials and Generation Z. Although mobile-working isn’t for everyone; some may say, they can’t focus at home due to the extreme comfort and easy distractions, it does have its benefits.  So, let’s get into it shall we? Here’s how you can experience the benefits of working from home and be productive doing it..

The Beauty Sleep

Benefits: The lay-in, extra time & peace of mind; no delays or weather stress from


Let’s face it, we’ve all been there; transport delays, extreme weather conditions, or that

‘not-so-late’ night out you had causing a strain on your wake-up call to work the next day.

Before you know it, you’re tired before you’ve even sat at your desk, let alone working your

full hours. Londoners, I’m sure you can relate.

Working from home is great if you like a lay-in. Trade in the 6am alarms, snooze button and

rush-hour fatigue for your beauty sleep. Whether you’re a morning/breakfast person or not,

I recommend waking up at least 30 minutes before your work start time. Give yourself time

to do what you need to do in the morning and most importantly, get the rest that you


The Casual Clothes

Benefits: Freedom, warmth & ultimate comfort!

Do you spend your mornings trying to figure out what to wear or where your uniform is? Or

are you always on point & prepared, until you leave the house realising that you didn’t have

enough layers for the weather? Either way, all that drama is non-existent when you work

from home.

Follow your own dress code policy and wear whatever you want to. Unless you have a Skype

call or video meeting scheduled, work in your casual clothes for a change. Be it lounge wear

or jeans, the choice is yours. No one said you can’t be productive in your pyjamas or on

track in your tracksuit.

The Comfort Zone

Benefits: Your home, your space.

Your workplace may be fit for purpose, comfortable where it needs to be but nothing beats

your own space. Knowing where everything is, the accessibility not sitting on a crooked

chair, the list goes on.

We all have a favourite spot at home; could be the living room, dining area or the bedroom.

Now that you’re working from home, transform your favourite spot into your working area

and own your space. My go-to spot is my sofa in the winter and garden in the summer. Take

in the ambience especially if you’re planning to be an entrepreneur in the future. This is a

great way to kick-start your female boss mentality.

The Fab Food

Benefits: Saving money, good food & desired portions.

Where are all my foodies at? Depending on your workplace or time, you probably are

always missing breakfast, buying lunch that doesn’t hit the spot (or maybe it does), or

rushing to meal prep and sometimes, you just don’t have the time. If you’re anything like me, you love food and saving money, working from home gives you benefits for both. Delicious breakfasts (may I add, the most important meal of the day), the full portions and if you cook, the perks of tasting your own delicious cuisine for lunch. The best part of

it all, you’re saving those coins you would have spent working from the office. Now you can use it

for anything else you were planning on buying, all because you decided to become Miss

Master Chef whilst working from home. One of my favourite benefits if you ask me haha!

The Lunch Break

Benefits: A REAL lunch break & personal admin time.

Some workplaces don’t have lunch rooms or dining areas and others do. Either way, being

within the work environment on your lunch break can have you feeling like you didn’t really

have a break (especially if you’re at your desk during lunch).

Working from home does the opposite. You might be thinking “What could I actually do in

my lunch break at home?” the answer is simple really; everything you couldn’t do at the

office! Take a non-work-related task and run with it. It could be food shopping, general

shopping, going for a walk, exercise or working on your side hustle, even a nap would

suffice. Realistically, the dynamic change for that period of time will have you feeling

refreshed for the second part of your day. If you’re working from home, get a real lunch

break before you get back to business.

The Sound of Focus

Benefits: Peace & quiet, good aura, motivation melody & focus.

Ever felt like you couldn’t focus at work? The constant chatter, distractions and colleague

requests? Although they all may be necessary at times, it can slow your work rate and have

you feeling like you didn’t have time to complete tasks.

If you are a person who enjoys working with a clear mind and no sound, working from home

is the perfect opportunity to keep your focus especially for specific tasks like heavy writing,

reading and calculations. For those who like to work with music playing, this is also a great

benefit for you, one I personally like to call The Motivation Melody. Just like your go-to gym

playlist during your workout, you can put on your favourite songs and work to the rhythm.

The Aftermath

Benefits: Punctual finish & perfect timing.

So, you’ve been invited out on a school or Friday night, you’re tired from a hard day’s work

and still need to get home to get ready before you leave again. Do you still have the energy

for that? This can be off putting at times.

Working from home makes the process so much easier! Instead of going through the

hurdles of getting ready at work (side note sometimes, our colleagues just don’t need to see

the ‘out of work’ versions of ourselves) or the double commute, finish on time and get ready

at your own pace. You can get ready as soon as you’ve finished on the dot and get the party

started. This gives you the chance to cut down the time and have more energy than you

usually would.

If you have the opportunity to work from home once in a while, take it or create that

opportunity yourself and ask for it. In addition to the benefits mentioned, well being and

mental health play a factor. On top of that, if you can show that you are reliable,

trustworthy and productive in any environment, it might be a good look for you.

Be your own boss whilst you work from home. You’ve got this!

Shade x

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